Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Experience versatility and comfort with our Long Sleeve T-Shirts collection at Capsule NYC. Long Sleeve T-Shirts offer a timeless and adaptable style, perfect for layering or making a statement on their own.

Our Long Sleeve T-Shirts collection is meticulously crafted with soft and breathable fabrics, ensuring you stay comfortable and stylish throughout the day. Each shirt represents the perfect blend of practicality and urban fashion.

Whether you're layering for a cooler day or making a fashion statement, our Long Sleeve T-Shirts are the ideal choice. With various fits, colors, and designs to choose from, you can effortlessly incorporate them into your daily streetwear ensemble.

Capsule NYC believes that fashion should adapt to your lifestyle. Our Long Sleeve T-Shirts collection allows you to do just that, providing a versatile piece that suits any occasion. Explore our curated collection of Long Sleeve T-Shirts and redefine your streetwear fashion with a blend of comfort and style.



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