Acid Wash Denim

Acid Wash Denim

Embrace the bold and edgy vibe of the '80s with our Acid Wash Denim collection at Capsule NYC. Acid Wash Denim represents a unique and eye-catching style that's both retro and fashion-forward.

Our Acid Wash Denim collection is meticulously crafted with premium denim fabric that undergoes a special acid washing process, resulting in a distinctive, worn-in appearance with a marbled, almost psychedelic pattern. Each piece embodies the spirit of rebellion and individuality.

Whether you're a fan of the '80s aesthetic or seeking denim that makes a bold statement, our Acid Wash Denim options are the perfect choice. With various styles and washes to explore, you can effortlessly incorporate this daring style into your streetwear wardrobe.

Capsule NYC believes that fashion should empower you to express your unique personality. Our Acid Wash Denim collection allows you to do just that, embracing a style that's daring and unforgettable. Explore our curated collection of Acid Wash Denim pieces and redefine your streetwear fashion with an unmistakable edge.



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